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About us

George and Cora from GenossenSchaffen

Hello! We are George and Cora, the team from GenossenSchaffen. George is a machine learning engineer and Cora is a stem cell researcher. It's been three years since we made Zurich our home, and we've grown very fond of this city. You'll often find us enjoying time at the local community centers (GZs) or playing with our two-year-old daughter at the playground. Summers are spent by the picturesque lakes, and during winter, we cherish the proximity to the majestic Alps. As nature enthusiasts, we engage in various outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, and swimming. Cora, with her background as a competitive swimmer, particularly loves exploring Zurich's abundant swimming pools, with the City pool being her favorite. In short, we really like our new home.

There's only one issue: Rents are so high! The only more affordable alternative are cooperatives or Zurich Stadtwohnungen (city flats). But until recently it was very difficult to find ads for such flats. That's why we came up with GenossenSchaffen. With our subscription service you get an email whenever an affordable flat matching your requirements becomes available. Super fast, easy and just 5 CHF per month. Good luck!

Cora and George

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