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First Rentals at Buchwiesen Seebach: Over 60 Apartments Gone in Less Than 90 Minutes!

In the Seebach district, which, along with Affoltern and Oerlikon, forms District 11 of Zurich, new-build projects are frequently popping up . Many of these buildings are constructed by Genossenschaften and offered at much more affordable prices than on the open market. However, securing one of these apartments requires nerves of steel and extremely good timing, as shown by today's (July 1, 2024) first rental event for the Buchwiesen project by the Baugenossenschaft Glattal Zürich.

Preparation is key

Building site of a housing cooperative
A lot of buildings are being constructed in Seebach, also by cooperatives

About two weeks ago, our subscribers received the first 'alert': the rental portal for the Buchwiesen project in Seebach would be opened to external parties at 8am on July 1st. We had been following this project for months, continually checking their website to send out rental start information through our subscription service as promptly as possible. This was because the new-build was highly sought-after. Featuring over 100 modern, spacious apartments in an excellent location near the outdoor pool in Seebach, the setting is truly exceptional. It was anticipated that a considerable portion of the apartments would be internally allocated. And that indeed happened. Nevertheless, we were confident that on July 1st, some apartments would be available to external applicants.


90 minutes only

Screenshot of the reminder email (in German)
The reminder email we sent out just before the application window opened.

So, this morning at 7:50 AM, we sent out a reminder email to our subscribers: "Attention, the portal opens in 10 minutes. Get ready!" When we attempted to access the website at 8:00 AM, we initially could not connect. As expected, the demand was overwhelming. After a few minutes, we managed to open the rental page. It appeared that about half of the apartments had been allocated internally, but over 60 units were open for application. They were quickly claimed. Before our eyes, the apartments were taken one by one. In less than 90 minutes, it was all over. The following message appeared: "Due to very high demand, we are no longer accepting further applications. We cannot provide further information over the phone either. Thank you for your understanding."


Be among the first with GenossenSchaffen

This was indeed a very striking experience: The demand for affordable housing and thus for cooperative apartments in Zurich is incredibly high. These apartments were not listed on Homegate or other portals. They could only be found on this completely 'hidden' website. You must know where to find such projects in Zurich and then continuously stay updated to not miss the rental start. With our list of new building projects, you are always well informed. There is no other freely accessible source for the new building projects of the cooperatives in Zurich. Making it even easier, our search subscription service ensures you also receive reminder emails a few weeks before and just prior to the rental start. Given that such apartments are only online for 90 minutes, these reminder emails are truly invaluable. We hope many of our subscribers were able to secure an apartment today!

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