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How Big are the Cooperative Apartments in Zurich?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Exploring the world of cooperative apartments in Zurich reveals a unique blend of financial and lifestyle benefits, increasingly drawing attention in today's dynamic housing market. To give you a deeper insight into current market trends, we analyzed the latest data from the last 3 months and made some interesting discoveries.

Zurich Cooperative Apartment Sizes

At GenossenSchaffen, we allow subscribers to select up to 4 room sizes to receive notifications for. As soon as a matching cooperative apartment comes online, they will be the first to know. Below we show how many apartments at each size we've shown to subscribers over the past 3 months. You can find an up-to-date list of those found in the past 30 days here.

A graph showing how many rooms cooperative apartments in Zurich have

This shows that over the past few months, you stand the best chance if you're looking for apartments between 2-4.5 rooms. Don't be put off if you're looking for 1/1.5 room apartments however, the demand for these is also considerably lower!

Which day of the week is the most popular for new advertisements?

Another interesting aspect is which day of the week most new apartment advertisements are placed on. Our analysis shows the following trends:

A graph showing when new cooperative apartments in Zurich come online

Wednesday appears to be the hottest day for new listings, and it seems like none of the cooperatives operate on weekends!

If you always want to stay up to date about cooperative apartments in Zurich, subscribe to GenossenSchaffen here. We deliver the latest apartments directly to your inbox.

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