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Where Are the Cooperative Apartments in Zurich?

Updated: Feb 25

Cooperative apartments are popular because they are usually much cheaper than other offers in the city. But where exactly are these coveted apartments located?

WBG-Schweiz to see all Cooperative Apartments

A great option to see where all the cooperative apartments in Zurich are is Many of the apartments are offered first to current residents of the cooperative, so this doesn't show where the apartments becoming available to the general public are.

But Where are the Available Cooperative Apartments in Zurich?

Our service, GenossenSchaffen, informs subscribers about new cooperative apartments as soon as they are listed. Since our founding three months ago, we have already identified 367 apartments. We were able to extract the exact addresses for 339 of these apartments and have displayed them on the interactive map below. This map shows you where cooperative apartments in Zurich are regularly becoming available. If you want to see new listings as they come up, subscribe to GenossenSchaffen!

How Our Service Works

A subscription to GenossenSchaffen costs only 5CHF per month or 50CHF per year. Subscribers receive immediate notifications as soon as a new cooperative apartment in Zurich is listed on their website.

Final Word

Finding the perfect cooperative apartment doesn't have to be an insurmountable task. With the right resources at your side, you can find your new home in no time!

Take the first step and subscribe to GenossenSchaffen today!


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