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In Switzerland, finding affordable housing can be a challenge. Cooperative apartments (Genossenschaften), with their not-for-profit management, offer a solution by providing rents considerably lower than the market average.

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We continually and automatically search for available Genossenschaft apartments, meaning we never miss an advertisement. Our subscribers are the first. Guaranteed! 


Select your preferred apartment size and specify if you're looking exclusively inside the city. This ensures you'll only receive emails about apartments that meet your criteria.


If a new apartment advertisement is published, our subscribers will immediately receive an email with information and a link.

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Residents of apartments in Genossenschaften can save nearly 10,000 CHF per year compared to those living in a similar flat found on Homegate.

Why choose GenossenSchaffen?


Despite their popularity, securing an apartment in a Genossenschaft can be a daunting task. They’re in high demand and listings are scattered across numerous individual cooperative websites – a daily treasure hunt for those on the lookout.

Streamline your search with GenossenSchaffen. Our service is unique: we are the only service that actively monitors all Genossenschaften in Zurich. When we spot a new listing, our subscribers are the first to know, receiving an email alert with all the crucial details.

Don't miss out on your ideal home. Subscribe to GenossenSchaffen – your key to effortless apartment hunting in Zurich.

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