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Application Checklist

GenossenSchaffen subscription allows you to receive emails as soon as a new cooperative flat listing that matches your requirements goes online. It is paramount to react as quickly as possible, as these often disappear after a few days (or even hours!). Use this list to ensure you are ready to apply immediately.


Extract from the debt collection register

This is very important! For some cooperatives, it must be very recent (>1 month old), while others are more flexible (>3 or even 6 months old). There are a lot of websites that charge extra for this service, but the easiest way is to order directly from the city of Zurich:

Last tax bill

Attention! This is actually the tax invoice, NOT the tax return. This is because the invoice shows taxable income and assets after the tax office has checked them. There are also cooperatives that require not just the most recent invoice, but those from the last 2 or 3 years. Not all cooperatives have a maximum income and maximum assets, but it can play a role.

Pay slips (last 3 moths)

These aren't always required but it's best to have them ready just in case. 

Application letter

Tell a story - your story. What makes you special, why do you want to join a cooperative, how would you like to get involved? It's also great if you can tell us about any relevant current activities (e.g. volunteering). A photo wouldn't hurt either. If you find it difficult to write this document, ask friends or ChatGPT for help. Make sure that you read the cooperative's website and personalise your letter to them!

Application form

The application usually includes a form, which you can either download from the cooperative's website (often found on the advertisement page) or fill out directly online. Make sure that it is filled out correctly and that all the details are correct.


Some cooperatives also ask for references, e.g. from your employer. Inform your references in good time and ensure that they are comfortable being contacted by the cooperative or writing a letter of reference.

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