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With a GenossenSchaffen subscription, you will receive an email when an advert for a cooperative flat goes online. Most cooperatives in the greater Zurich area advertise directly on their websites. Anyone who sees the advert can apply and, with a bit of luck, get a flat. However, there are a small number of cooperatives in the greater Zurich area that keep waiting lists. This usually works in such a way that you register and then, as the name suggests, wait. When a flat becomes available, the people on the waiting list are contacted in turn. It can take years to get a flat in this way. If you are not under time pressure or plan early, you can get a co-operative flat through waiting lists. Please note that you often have to renew your waiting list entry every 6 - 12 months.

Please note that some cooperatives own properties within the city of Zurich as well as further outside. These are listed twice. We regularly update the links. Should you find any issues please do not hesitate to contact us.


The following cooperatives in the city of Zürich have waitlists (as of April) 2024:

Waitlists of cooperatives in the canton of Zürich 
(outside of the city of Zürich)
List 2024

Waitlists that require cooperative membership

The following cooperatives require you to become a member (and pay a membership fee) before you can put yourself on the waitlist:​

  • Genossenschaft Dreieck

  • Kalkbreite

  • Wogeno Zürich

  • Kraftwerk 1

Waitlists of cooperatives for senior citizens

These cooperatives specialise in apartments for senior citizens.​

By the way: Our subscription offers the filter 'Apartments for senior citizens'. If this is activated  you will receive notifications about listings as well as newbuilds specifically for people above the age of 55.

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