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With a GenossenSchaffen subscription, you will receive an email when an advert for a cooperative flat goes online. Most cooperatives in the greater Zurich area advertise directly on their websites. Anyone who sees the advert can apply and, with a bit of luck, get a flat. However, there are a small number of cooperatives in the greater Zurich area that keep waiting lists. This usually works in such a way that you register and then, as the name suggests, wait. When a flat becomes available, the people on the waiting list are contacted in turn. It can take years to get a flat in this way. If you are not under time pressure or plan early, you can get a co-operative flat through waiting lists. Please note that you often have to renew your waiting list entry every 6 - 12 months.

The following cooperatives in Kanton Zürich have waitlists (as of December 2023):


The following cooperatives require already being a member before being able to apply (and also deposit money in advance):

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