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  • What is a Genossenschaft?
    Genossenschaften are organizations that manage and rent properties on a non-profit basis. They value a sense of community and reasonable living space and are often family-friendly. The rents are significantly lower than when real estate companies or private individuals act as landlords. In order to live in a Genossenschaft apartment, in most cases you have to join the corresponding Genossenschaft. A capital share (not unlike the rental deposit that would otherwise be required) must be deposited, which will be refunded when you leave.
  • Are there any regulations regarding the size of the apartment?
    Most cooperatives ensure that the size of the apartment is in proportion to the number of residents. Specifically, the following rule is usually applied: Number of residents + 1.5 = maximum number of rooms Two examples: Couple (2 people): Maximum number of rooms = 2 + 1.5 = 3.5 Family with two children (4 people): Maximum number of rooms = 4 + 1.5 = 5.5 rooms
  • Do I earn too much/too little for a Genossenschaft?
    Some cooperatives have a minimum or maximum taxable income. But this is by no means the case for all of them! To be on the safe side, it's best to briefly check the cooperative's website before applying. You can quickly find all the rules there.
  • Approximately how many apartments does GenossenSchaffen find per week?
    This is variable. According to our statistics, around 10-15 Genossenschaft apartments are advertised across all websites most weeks.
  • How many people have been able to get a cooperative apartment through GenossenSchaffen?
    Unfortunately we have no data on this because we cannot track who actually gets the apartments. What is certain, however, is that GenossenSchaffen guarantees our subscribers that they will be among the first to be informed about new apartment advertisements on cooperative websites.
  • How many cooperative websites do you search?
    In the greater Zurich area we monitor nearly 100 cooperatives in real-time. Out of these, around 70 advertise new flats only on their websites. The rest use portals such as homegate. We also send out links to those apartments.
  • I am looking for a cooperative apartment in another canton. Can you help?
    GenossenSchaffen is constantly expanding and we are also working on integrating other large areas (including Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne). Check back in a few months and your desired city might already be there!
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