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Cooperatives in Albisrieden – the green paradise in District 9!

Since its incorporation in 1934, Albisrieden has developed into a popular residential area with about 23,000 residents in roughly 12,000 apartments. Together with Altstetten, Albisrieden forms District 9 of the city of Zurich.

Albisrieden is growing and booming. In the last 10 years, 1,990 new apartments have been built here, of which about 20% are owned by housing cooperatives. So if you're looking for a cooperative apartment, this is the right neighborhood for you!

Albisrieden is distinguished by its green surroundings: 43% of the area are covered by forests. Additionally, there are 38 fountains in the neighborhood—13 of which even supply spring water! Another highlight of Albisrieden is the Letzi outdoor swimming pool, built by the famous architect Max Frisch—a popular meeting place for people of all ages in the summer. (A long time ago, by the way, there used to be a gallows on the site…)

Now for a few fun facts: The most common car in Albisrieden is a gray Volkswagen. About 250 children are born here each year.

But let’s talk about the cooperatives in Albisrieden. Various non-for-profit institutions own properties in this neighborhood. Among them are:

Albisrieden – where city life meets nature. Discover the benefits of living in a cooperative and enjoy the peaceful, green surroundings!

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